Réponse Rapide: Comment Nager Dans Gta Liberty City Stories Psp?

How do you cheat in GTA Liberty City Stories PSP?


  3. Weapon Set 3. UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT.
  4. Get $250000. L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1.
  5. Restore Armor.
  6. Restore Health.
  7. Increase Wanted Level.
  8. Wanted Level Never Appears.

Is Liberty City Stories a good game?

This game costs $30.00 and it is definitely worth it. Remember this is a PSP port and PSP is not as good as PS2 so the game is definitely not as good as GTA San Andreas or even Vice City actually but it is still a good addition in the series. Liberty City Stories takes us back to Liberty City(where GTA3 took place).

Is Liberty City Stories better than Vice City Stories?

Liberty City isn’t bad, but Vice City is better in every way possible. Liberty City doesn’t really have very many cutscenes, instead the characters just stand there and talk, no complex movement or camera angles. Liberty City also does not (Legally) have helicopters in the game, making driving your only real option.

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How do you aim in GTA Liberty City on PSP?

You can toggle between targets using left and right on the D-pad. Alternatively, you can forget the auto-lock and press down on the D-pad to aim anywhere you like – perfect for taking out car tires or blowing up barrels of fuel, say.

Which is better GTA VC or GTA LCS?

I personally prefer VCS, it has a better story, great soundtrack, better atmosphere (80’s again) and added more features from SA. With LCS I just didnt care for Toni, it felt low budget and lacked important features etc.

How do you get a girlfriend in GTA Liberty City?

To get companionship ie a girlfriend you can actually talk to and “enjoy”, got to Second Life on PC. You can go crazy have fun doing all kinds of activities. Then after youve relieved your ahhh stress,come back to your GTA games.

Which is better GTA 3 or Liberty City Stories?

GTA Liberty City Stories has a plethora of side activities. In GTA 3, there are various vehicle-based missions, but it isn’t the only side mission around. GTA 3 had a few other side activities, but GTA Liberty City Stories’ sheer amount makes it the more diverse game to play through.

Can you eat in GTA Liberty City Stories?

In fact, when going out with a friend, there is no option to eat at restaurants. The player is only able to consume snacks purchased at convenience stores, which compensates for the lack of eating foods in GTA V.

Is GTA Liberty City Stories the same as GTA 3?

Differences between GTA III & GTA: Liberty City Stories. The Liberty City featured in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is based on the Grand Theft Auto III version of the city, but it is set three years previous in 1998.

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Are Liberty City and Vice City same?

Liberty City is often known for its gritty and gloomy atmosphere (particularly because of the starting locations in the GTA titles with Liberty City), which is the complete opposite of Vice City’s presentation. By comparison, Vice City is a colorful coastal location with a general vibrance and an 80s aesthetic.

How do you shoot while driving in GTA Liberty City?

The player can only use a Machine Gun and perform drive-bys by shooting diagonally.

How can I play Liberty City Stories on PC?

How to Download and Play GTA: Liberty City Stories on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for GTA: Liberty City Stories in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install GTA: Liberty City Stories from the search results.

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